Introducing XENA

XENA is an incident reporting platform that’s built for integration. Crowdsourced, mobile-captured incidents flow into your CRM, facilities or risk management systems, triggering the necessary actions.

Give Power to the People

Download the Android or iOS app, empowering all stakeholders to start reporting.  

Take Immediate Action

Details from mobile-captured incidents automatically flow into your CRM, facilities or risk management solutions.


Provide a text-to-report-incident option, alleviating the need to download the app.

Integrate Seamlessly

XENA was developed with integration in mind. No need to rip-and-replace your current systems, use the API to tightly integrate.

De-duplicate Incidents

Prevent the creation of multiple workflows for the same incident.

Add Your Brand

Customize the app’s user interface with your brand, including color palette and logo.

CSIR Corp: Who We Are

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine!

CSIR Corp. (pronounced Caesar)  is the brainchild of risk management experts and technology innovators. The Teh Consulting Group and PARM have joined forces to offer an incident reporting application that transforms any mobile device into a powerful, near real-time reporting tool. CSIR empowers organizations to leverage crowdsourced incident reports to immediately respond to issues.

Don’t let incidents unravel into something less manageable––take control with CSIR.

Industry Use Cases

Whether you’re managing a facility or a city, your success is measured by how promptly you deal with issues. Do you receive, dispatch, and close incidents efficiently? Can you de-duplicate events? Does the incident feed your current back-end systems? Does the person who reported the incident get notified when the problem is fixed? The XENA Platform enables you to do all this and more. Here’s how near real-time, mobile incident reporting can benefit your industry.


Empower citizens to report an incident with their mobile device. The geotagged image will automatically populate your current response systems and dispatch the right field team to the specific location. No delays. No duplicated effort. No frustrating phone system to maneuver. 

Think potholes, water main breakage, and downed powerlines.

Travel and Hospitalty

Give your guests a voice.  Once checked-in, guests can advise your concierge if something is wrong with the facility. No need to go down to the lobby or call the front desk. A quick snap-and-send will trigger an event for immediate attention.

Think unmade room, leaky faucet, or uncooperative air conditioning.

Higher Education

Equip students to report an incident with their always-on mobile. Your students and faculty become your on-campus eyes and ears and can immediately report an issue. You can dispatch your custodial, maintenance, or grounds crew to fix the problem before it gets worst. 

Think broken sprinkler, unsecured residence door, and overflowing bins. 


Make safety a priority. Workers can immediately and anonymously report an issue to upper management, empowering you to take the best course of action and in turn reducing the risk of on-site managers making less than optimal decisions.

Think unsecured scaffolding, exposed electrical wires, improper debris storage.

Tenant Management

Enable tenants to report an issue, without having to call. With XENA, notifying the landlord  is as easy as taking a picture and pressing send.  XENA can be used as a stand-alone app or the functionality can be integrated within your already deployed tenant communication solution.

Think plumbing issue, broken window, or faulty water heater.


Get real-time notifications. When there’s an issue with a delivery, the driver can take a picture of the damaged or missing goods, triggering the proper next steps and eliminating the need to start a paper-based process hours after the fact.

Think missing wares, broken goods and the reporting of issues at time of delivery.

Calling All Developers

The XENA Platform was developed for ease of integration. You can easily add crowdsourced, geotagged incident reporting capabilities to your own solution, empowering your customers to report any event, anywhere, anytime. In turn, XENA can also seamlessly integrate within your infrastructure to feed your current systems with the information you need to trigger a workflow.

Our Fearless Leaders

Awah Teh, CEO

Awah Teh

Chief Executive Officer

Awah brings over 16 years of technology development and business strategy experience to the table, including senior and executive management experience at several fortune 500 firms such as IBM, Walt Disney, Sony, Amgen and The Lincoln Financial Group. Armed with his experiences from the corporate world, Mr. Teh decided to take-on the Tech-Startup-world, and built a string of successful technology startups. Awah is bilingual: English and French.
Gina Savoie, Chief Financial Officer

Gina Savoie

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Gina Savoie was born and raised in Joliette, Quebec (Canada) and has completed an Executive Program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Anderson School of Management. She accumulated considerable experience in retail and service industries before joining ProActive Risk Management where she is currently Vice President.  Gina is bilingual: English and French.
Benoit Grenier, Executive VP

Benoit Grenier

Executive Vice President

Mr. Benoit Grenier was born and raised in Joliette, Quebec (Canada) attended the Université du Quebec in the Bachelor of Business Administration Program and is a Personal Protection Specialist (P.P.S.). Benoit had a long and distinguished career in business, holding positions such as Manager Human Resources, District Operations Manager, VP Sales and Marketing and Director of Risk Management & Security before founding ProActive Risk Management where he is President and CEO. Benoit is bilingual: English and French.
Mary Essuman, Corporate Counsel

Mary Essuman

Corporate Counsel

Ms. Essuman joined CSIR, Inc. as corporate counsel in 2016 after serving as “on-call” corporate counsel to various start ups in the Los Angeles area. Ms. Essuman received her Juris Doctorate from Pepperdine University School of Law, where she attended on scholarship. In addition, she is a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the Black Women Lawyers Association, and a board member of the Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles. Ms. Essuman also heads up a nonprofit literacy organization called Books and More Education Foundation.

Capture, Report, and Track Incidents

With XENA, all your stakeholders (employees and customers) can use their mobile device to capture, report and track an incident. The geotagged incidents will immediately trigger a workflow within your CRM, facilities or risk management systems. Whether you’re a municipality looking to engage with its constituents; a  hotel chain wanting to empower your high-value clients to communicate issues; or a multi-tenant commercial or residential landlord who wants to know when maintenance issues arise, the XENA Platform is for you.


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